Sunday, August 13, 2017

Doomed to Repeat?! || Operation Future Domination DEMO (PC)

“Lessons in life will be repeated until they are learned.” –Frank Sonnenberg
Title Screen
Source: Screen Capture in Game

OFD is an intense mystery/action/romance visual novel created by Eirrir. You take the role of Rin (or whatever you choose to name her) who has just graduated high school and are in the throes of a hot and humid summer with your close friend Nicolas, or  Nico.

She and Nico seem to be having a normal summer thus far, but things are soon going to take a turn for the strange. You see Leon, someone your age from school, seems to be in distress, stumbling along and mumbling to himself. Intrigued, you follow. But what if it's all a ploy? Something is strange...

I don’t wanna spoil the mystery that we learn about at the end of the demo, but it’s intriguing. I look forward to unraveling that mystery in the future game. 

Uh oh.
Source: Screen Capture in Game

I think the art style is cute, and the backgrounds are nice as well. The calendar and time elements are reminiscent of Persona. The music is fitting also. The finished game is aiming to have 15+ hours of gameplay, 3 potential love interests, 10+ endings and CGs, and more. 

Overall, I feel this demo is well done. I look forward to getting to play the full game in the future. I definitely recommend playing the demo yourself, which you can do for free *here*.

Thanks for sharing some time with me today! Please be sure to leave your feedback to help the developers, and happy gaming!



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