Thursday, June 7, 2018

The gift of Myrrh...dur! Murder! || 1st Degree [DEMO] (PC)

When we remember we are all mad, the mysteries disappear and life stands explained.” –Mark Twain

I love the intensity

1st Degree is a murder-mystery 18+ BL visual novel in the works by Parival. You play as Rei, a detective / copycat murderer, who is trying to catch / understand the methods of a killer that has been dubbed “The Doctor”. Outside of the whole murder thing, Rei is a typical smart ass, sarcastic protagonist that we all know and love. The game is still in demo mode, but it has me excited to see a full version.

You meet a large cast of characters in the demo, each with a unique personality. I love that this demo is fully voiced, since it really helps to bring something a bit more personal to the characters. All of the voices seem to fit the characters, but man… Aiden’s voice gives me shivers (in a good way). But in terms of looks, I think it’s a tie between Leo and Minami.

Good ol Rei

I like the story of the game. I’m always a fan of murder-mystery, and I think the twist of having the killer (or one of them) as the main character is interesting. I also wonder how his… extra-curricular activities will cause conflict later in the game. 

The artwork is very nice, and the designs for the characters are all lovely. I love the variety of expressions, as well as the well detailed backgrounds. The sound and music are well done as well.

One thing that I really appreciated with this demo was the use of a glossary. 1st Degree uses a lot of different medical terms which can be confusing some someone who doesn’t have a lot of medical background. While I didn’t need to use the glossary, I think it’s a wonderful thing to include for players.

Everyone has to relax somehow

Overall, I’m very excited to see how this game develops. Rest assured I’ll be buying the full copy when it releases! If you’re interested, you can download the demo free from *here*, and there are also links on the page to follow the game as it progresses. Let me know what you think down below!

Thank you, as always. Until next time!


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