Tuesday, June 5, 2018

I Had to Fold! || A Tale of Paper (PC)

As long as we don’t die, this is gonna be one hell of a story.” –John Green

Our little paper friend looks like a KH Heartless

A Tale of Paper is a daring adventure created by OpenHouseGames. You play as an Origami figure trying to survive in an unknown world filled with water, murderous Roomba vacuums and spiders. Let’s jump right into talking about the game!

I enjoyed playing this game despite some issues I had—particularly with controls. As much as I love my little origami friend, I really struggled at times to get them to do what I wanted. Jumping was awkward, especially as a frog. It felt I needed for control over the distance I was trying to jump.

Found a... friend?

I like the variety of origami transformations you get, and the functionality of each. I love the environments (particularly the room with the planets) and the music is fitting. I really like the premise, and I feel the developers had a great idea with this game. Some parts of the game feel a little unpolished or awkward, but it doesn’t take away from the overall feeling.

I wasn’t able to finish this game, because I had issues with the controls. I wasn’t able to make it past the part where you’re running from a spider, Crash Bandicoot style. I kept getting stuck on things in the environment I shouldn’t have gotten stuck on or falling into the puddles of water because I couldn’t see them quick enough. After 15 minutes, I had to quit to save my sanity. I may try again another day, but for now I will appreciate what the game has given me thus far.

It was fun to hop around as a frog

I hope that OpenHouseGames continue to create interesting and unique games like this in the future. Be sure to download the game to try for yourself, free from Itch.io *here*. Let me know what you thought down below. Did you make it past the spider?

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