Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Gaming in Cat Pajamas? || Kirigami (PC)


Kirigami is an adorable, paper style adventure and puzzle solving game project by Sophie Cook for Studio 694, WCG's in-house game studio. You play as an adorable creature in cat pajamas, and you traverse an intriguing doll style house to solve puzzles and interact with the characters.

The art style of the game is where I think it really shines. I love hand drawn games, and the pieces almost looks like stickers placed in a story book at times. I am not sure what all there is to do, since all 3 times I played I ended up getting stuck on the roof after I got the black feather for the potion. I’m clearly missing something, but I’m not sure what. I wish I knew, because for what it is, I did enjoy what I played.

What a witch!

The walking animation is odd, as it would play often while I was standing still, but rarely when I was actually moving. I also had an issue with items not appearing in my bag at times, like the rubix cube (which I thought to give to the fellow on the roof, but never seemed to have it).

Despite the errors and bugs, I think that the creator was on to something that would be fun and interesting. I hope that they are able to take this idea and make something amazing in the future. If you’re interested, you can certainly download the demo to play, free from Itch.io *here*. I bet you can do better than I did. 

Be sure to leave feedback and encouragement for the developers! Until next time, Jammers. Happy gaming!



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